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Own your own successful business...Purchase an Electro Body Sculpting Machine!


Electrotherapy is a business that thrives even in tough economic times.
You can enjoy the freedom of working for yourself, the hours you want and making more money than you could ever dream of!
Start with just a single small treatment room within a existing Spa or Salon.

Elmarie’s Body Sculpting will provide you with the best equipment in physical therapy, programming of software for weight loss and a two day VIP event to include training.


Specials on Electrotherapy equipment:


Great prices on second hand Electro Body Sculpting machines!
Now it is affordable and can become a reality. 

Get a return on your investment in as little as three months.

While Electrotherapy has been used by sport doctors, physical therapists and urologists to strengthen damaged and withered muscles, the Electro Body Sculpting machine has been enhanced with specific software programs to promote different wavelengths protocol...Each performing different functions:
*  First...To attack and agitate the deep fat cells stimulating toxin release
*  Second...To work the deep muscles for toning, lifting and sculpting
*  Third...To work the surface fat/cellulite layer cleaning, detoxifying and smoothing

It sounds amazing but one session of Electrotherapy is equivalent to a 6 hour workout in the gym...600 sit-ups, 600 leg lifts and 600 push-ups all at once!!

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