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I experienced a dramatic and healthful change to my body and system! After three months of therapy, I went from a woman's size 13-14 down to a misses size 7-8. I also lost 16.5 inches overall, while losing 15 to 20 pounds.
I had not regularly exercised in more than 15 years, since my first baby was born. I am now 48 years young and am able to fit into the jeans I wore 20 years ago! Not only did electrotherapy tone and shape my body, but it de-toxed my system as well. I am now feeling more energy and am on a healthier eating plan.
Elmarie, I was fortunate to meet you. You have helped start me on a healthier lifestyle for the future!
                                                                                    *** ROSE 

I'm so excited!

Dear Elmarie,
I just wanted to write a note to tell you and the staff how pleased and excited I am with the results of my electrotherapy treatments. I am noticeably tighter, I've lost 60 pounds in the last six months and feel terrific.
I would recommend Electrotherapy for anyone desiring to contour, lose weight or alleviate pain. I hope the whole world finds out about you!
                                                                                          *** GLORIA          

I cannot say enough positive things about the electro-therapy machine.  I was born with Spina Bifida, and have always used my crutches and wheelchair to get around. Anyone that is 'not quite yet' confined to a wheelchair knows just how important stamina, endurance, and strength are. 
Nine months after beginning treatments with the machine, I started noticing that I wasn't as winded when I walked around on my crutches.  It's very frightening to feel yourself getting weaker, and less coordinated.  The idea of being in my wheelchair on a permanent basis has always been a worry for me, and something I've tried very hard to avoid for as long as I can remember.  I am now into my thirties and have managed to stay fairly ambulatory.  Yes, this machine is great for weight loss, and eliminating cellulite, NO DOUBT! I have lost inches and cellulite.  It is what I've gained that is priceless to me.
Because of this machine, I have developed VISIBLE muscle tone in my calves.  In about a year's time, my calf muscles are now 1 inch bigger than they were before I ever knew about this machine.  Nothing I ever tried before or since could give me those kinds of results, NOTHING.  The machine has also helped improve my circulation (crucial for a person in a wheelchair, but important to everyone) and elimination of toxins.
I am 'beyond happy' to be able to take advantage of this wonderful machine.  It has given me improved circulation, smoother skin (lose cellulite), improved mobility and strength, and CALF MUSCLES!!!
                                                                          *** Elizabeth I

Elmarie's Body Sculpting is amazing....

I experienced tightening and toning and a sense of well being with lots of energy and visable results on the first session; my fiance who is recovering from a severe stroke also experienced remarkable results; he felt better, more alert, the swelling in his legs was greatly reduced. His body movements were more fluid and smooth vs being jerky and slow before treatment. Afterwards we had a bite to eat and he was able to handle his food with much greater dexterity and without dropping anything!
                                                                           *** THERESA



“Elma, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been getting cortisone shots in my left arm and shoulder for a couple of years, and ever since I started electrotherapy treatments, my shoulder and arm is incredibly good. I haven’t needed any more shots– I don’t even know I have a problem. I wasn’t sure I was going to lose weight from the machine, but recently I had to buy pants 2 sizes smaller. I’m really excited about that. Thank you.”
–Michael L. (a man in his 60s)

"I love the Slimming machine! Since I have been coming to see Elma, I have lost 12 lbs and 10.5 inches of fat! My clothes fit me again and I am much stronger. I can't believe how well the Slimming machine works. Everyone should do this!
-Stephanie H.

“Elma, I am so grateful for you and this machine. It is such an answer for me– an answer I had not found in either diet or exercise. Thank you so much for providing such a necessary service– and you are such a joy too! I love my treatments! I so hope that everyone becomes aware of this remarkable procedure and feels the tremendous benefits of feeling taut and fit in such a convenient and lasting way.”
–Paula A.

“I got in a really bad car accident and had whiplash. I couldn’t work out for months and lost muscle definition. I gave electrotherapy a shot and I was so amazed, after a few sessions I saw results and was actually able to see muscle tone again! I love electrotherapy and it helped by body get back into shape again and in actually shorter time than I expected.
I recommend electrotherapy to anyone who needs help in getting back into shape and want to see results in a short amount of time. Thanks so much!”
–Lindha P.

“Dear Elma,
I am very excited about the results that electrotherapy has brought in such a short period of time. I could see my thighs were tighter and thinner in just a few sessions and they still keep slimming. Within a month, I could get into my skinny jeans! It was the greatest feeling. Thank you! I couldn’t get this result with months of cardio and Pilates. Now my abs is flatter than before, so I am very, very happy about that too!
I would recommend electrotherapy for anybody who is lazy, or active, to keep the body in shape! It brings great results! Also, I’d like to thank Elma for giving nutrition advice. We have to do our part to get the results we want.
Thank you!
–Tomoko I.

“I am in my fifties. I have been using electrotherapy treatments for a year. I find using electrotherapy along with my weekly physical workout (cardio and Pilates), I can control my weight. I feel a tightness in all muscle groups that I could never achieve with just a regular gym workout. And best of all, along with body contouring, electrotherapy gives the body and mind an over all sense of well-being and relaxation. Thanks Elma. “
–M.F., Malibu

“Before I started electrotherapy, I lost a lot of weight and the elasticity of my skin became very thin. The treatments have improved the tightness of my skin dramatically and my skin is now tighter than it was before the weight loss.”
–Judy J.

I had a baby over a year ago and struggled to regain my figure. I tried every diet and cure I could find. After completing a series of 8 electrotherapy treatments I noticed a huge change. I lost inches and felt so much tighter. I’ve become a regular client, going back for a ‘tune-up’ every now and then. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence!”
–Brigitte D.

“This is the perfect alternative to liposuction. I wanted to have results without going under the knife. I am very happy with my thinner thighs! Thank you Elma.”
–Margaret M.

“Elma’s electrotherapy is amazing. I experienced tightening, toning and a sense of well being after my first session. I also sleep better at night and have tons of energy the next day. I’m hooked!”
–Valerie M.

“I used to be that person who could eat everything and never gain a pound, until I turned 30. I live an extremely busy life and spend many hours in the office sitting at a computer. It took me some time to realize that I was 20 lbs heavier than I had ever been. I became embarrassed to show too much skin because of the fat and cellulite that accumulated on my legs, stomach, and arms. So I started seeking diets and exercise routines that would help me get back the body I used to have. I tried yoga, spin classes, and even traditional gym workouts, but still did not see dramatic results. I wanted an alternative weight loss method that I could see immediate results and that would also fit into by busy life schedule. I was visiting SPA 415 for a facial and saw a brochure for ELECTROTHERAPY. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to try it out. Since starting ELECTROTHERAPY sessions, I have lost 12 lbs and all my friends are noticing the difference and complimenting me on looking great. My jeans that were too small fit perfect now and I’m starting to wear shorts again. I even have my flat stomach back and have not had to do a single sit-up. I absolutely love ELECTROTHERAPY and can’t see life without it now. I have a goal to lose another 5 lbs and feel confident that I can do it as long as I continue my ELECTROTHERAPY sessions. I even got my boyfriend doing it. We have couple’s treatments and after losing 14 lbs himself, he is totally in love with it too. Thank you Elma for bring your ELECTROTHERAPY wonder into our lives!”
–Amber R.

“I recommend this treatment to patients after liposuction for areas that still need contouring.”
–P.E., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


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